Limbus conference on Toxic Organisations

Limbus is an organisation, based in Totnes, Devon which has organised a series of fascinating conferences on aspects of psychotherapy and its interface with organisations like the UK NHS. A week or two ago I spoke at their event on Toxic organisations and Neoliberalism. It was one of the most enjoyable and stimulating conferences I have been to in very many years, held in the beautiful Dartington Hall.

My topic was the promotion of resilience among nurses in the NHS and the video of the talk is below.

One thought on “Limbus conference on Toxic Organisations

  1. Thank you for sharing this brilliant and vitally important lecture. It echoes many of the findings from my PhD study on compassion in acute NHS settings. We develop individualised strategies for nurses to express compassionate care within toxic organisations that inhibit compassion, rather than work on detoxifying the organisations. The ‘values-based’ health policy in a nutshell.

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